For the past couple of weeks, we have been learning about Adobe Illustrator.

I had never even touched the program before this semester, but at this point I would say I have a basic, workable understanding of it. I actually first learned about Illustrator before we started talking about it in this class through Lindsey + Asp. I’m a creative intern for the agency this semester, and part of our internship consists of learning the Adobe programs (mainly InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop). So that being said, I had been working with Illustrator for about a month before we started using it in this class. It’s funny because we actually did an assignment with Illustrator in my internship where we had to create a logo. I’ve placed mine to the side there. It’s for a made-up company and it’s one of- if not the first- designs that I created with Illustrator. Some of the feedback I received on this logo was that the shapes were neat but the design itself was cluttered. Looking at it now, I totally agree. I think I added too many elements for just a simple logo design.

I actually really enjoy working with Illustrator the more that I learn about it. I think it might be my favorite Adobe program just because I have the most experience with it and it’s pretty user-friendly. Last week, our assignment in Lindsey + Asp was to create some minimalistic movie posters. I created all of mine within Illustrator and really liked how they turned out. I placed my favorite two to the right.

With the logo project in this class, I took my previous feedback to mind and wanted to keep my logo clean and simple. I created a logo for Frosty’s Rolled Ice Cream, a new shop that just opened on Campus Corner. Their current logo is kind of weird, in my opinion. It features a cartoon snowman in sunglasses holding up a cup of their rolled ice cream. The font used is also cartoonish and their color scheme is red and white. The fact that they used the color red made no sense to me, because when I think red I think of something hot, which is the opposite of what their business is about! That being said, I wanted to create a more modern looking logo to draw in the millennial and college crowd. Also, their product is not very traditional, so attracting this younger crowd is a must. The first thing I did was create a snowflake shape using Illustrator. Then, I chose a neat, thin Sans Serif font and placed the snowflake where the “o” is in Frosty’s. Finally, I selected a blue color theme to make the logo look “cool”. My final design is pretty simplistic but I think that’s just what Frosty’s needs.

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